connection-S is a Media & Marketing Agency that works with artists, labels, events, entrepreneurs, and companies in the creative and other industries.

The Agency was established in 2013 as an agency specializing in the music industry and relied on the two-decades-long professional involvement of our CEO in that industry. With years of experience and the growth of our team, we expanded our services to various industries. During activity years, we represented A-list artists as PR Managers, developed strategies, built communities, co-organized several events and festivals, did major rebranding and repositioning for clients, and many more.

Counting on years of experience of our company as well as our team members, we are here to meet the needs you did not even know you had! From making the best strategic decisions to developing and implementing effective communication strategies, branding, and design, delivering digital products, building media presence, or growing the audience.

Approaching each client with special attention and dedication, we aspire to support and accomplish their wishes and goals in a professional way, raising them to a higher level.

Our mission is to make genuine connections between clients and the audience. We are focused on multichannel messages that make a difference.

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Your project is only as good as the team working on it.

Lana Kralj

Founder, Media & Business specialist

Stefan Simovic

Marketing finance manager

Barbara Simovic

Strategist & Creative manager

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