5 Marketing Trends Predictions for 2021

At the end of this year, we can say that if something has taught us, it is some things you can never predict. Which trends are set to dominate the creative industries in 2021?

Trend #1: Social media will become a top channel for purchase

Marketing trends are moving at the speed of light. With new technologies and tactics emerging daily, the way we attract, connect, and market to our audiences is constantly changing.

Social media is the largest and one of the most useful platforms for internet marketing. With the introduction of Facebook stores, Instagram stores, and Pinterest Shopping ads, social shopping, and posts that can be purchased will become a trend in marketing and e-commerce over the next year.

Trend #2: No more third-party cookies

There will be a change in online advertising. Google Chrome will stop supporting third-party cookies in early 2022, significantly changing the way we target and track digital ads. Chrome will replace third-party cookies with browser-based tools and techniques aimed at balancing personalization and privacy. Google and Apple are also clamping down on fingerprinting and other means of bypassing anti-tracking measures, which also impact first-party cookies. The coming year will provide the last opportunity for marketing professionals to educate themselves about the impact of the cookie-free future and to prepare for it.

Trend #3: Virtual events

In 2021, many events will remain virtual not only because of ongoing security issues but also as a result of lessons learned in 2020. Companies have found that virtual events are more accessible than personal events. They reduce costs for more people and have higher ROI. The key is to be creative and offers rich content. In 2021 and later, virtual events will continue to be a popular route to interact with a wide range of customers as companies see the many benefits of online events. people want to be engaged, so interactive content almost always improves user experience.

Trend #4: Brand activism

With the constant rise of political activism, many brands are beginning to participate more on this type of topic and to give their voice to the public. Actively supporting a cause is a marketing strategy that humanizes the brand and cultivates long-lasting relationships with its customers. Buying from a brand that shares the customer’s values creates an emotional connection that goes well beyond the product or service and that is what keeps them coming back.

This trend is projected to only grow in 2021. Simply put, consumers will not themselves support and uphold certain beliefs, but also expect it from the brands they love and support.

Trend #5: The rise of Hyper-automation

In 2021 companies will automate as many business and IT processes as possible with the help of AI and machine learning. Hyper automation brings together several components of automation, process optimization, and integrates several tools and technologies to amplify automation to a whole new level.  Automation can do a lot of work, make it faster, better, easier. But hyper-automation unlocks so much more potential than it can re-imagine everything we thought we could achieve with software bots. Starting a journey with hyper-automation will require some effort in planning a business strategy.

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